My experience while in Milano…


In my previous blog, I shared how I made to Milano. Here I am going to tell you about my experience while in the beautiful city of Milano.


Tram travel in Milan

While in another city even in your own country, things are not so easy going. For me to imagine anything to be easy with me in Milano was out of the question. Altogether a new country, a new city and miles away from family, I knew in the back of my mind that it was going to be tough, but not impossible.

So, let’s start with language. Having no time at all, I couldn’t even learn the Italian (language) before getting to Italy. Well, according to me, English was spoken in all the parts of the world. But, when I landed at the airport is the time I realized, nope! it is not spoken in all the parts of the world. I was completely wrong in judging. All signs boards were in Italian. With that came up another stress of the baggage (we Indians never go even with a little space for bags to breathe, Phew!) as the wheels were completely worn out. I had not even the slightest idea of what could have gone wrong with my new bags nor did I have any hint of explaining the authorized people at the airport about my situation as they didn’t understand English (sigh!).

That was the very moment I remembered my father as I have always been under his shell and he has made things easy for me. But he wasn’t around and I had to walk out with those bags and other carry-on items. I had to make it to the metro station as to get to my hostel where I was booked for 7 days before I could find myself permanent accommodation. Somehow from while being in my hometown, we had got in touch with who came to get me from the metro station. Not to miss, even the metro station had sign boards only in Italian. Anyways he dropped me to my hostel. The worst part was when he met me the next day and asked me for the money for coming to the metro station and then he getting back to his home. I was like, is this for real? (I was going nowhere and there had to be right time for him to even ask me the money) Anyways, I paid him and never wanted his help or see him again.

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The next day, one of his friend met me and told me that he was vacating the place so I could replace him. I was okay in the beginning, to all the trouble of my baggage and everything I had, I made it to the new to-be-place, but when I actually moved in I was like, O hell! I am in a big trouble as I started figuring out the intentions of two boys living in the same house and that too being Indians. I trusted them thinking they would help a girl being from the same country they belong to, but I was wrong about it. I cried in alone for 3 days feeling so helpless. But I didn’t give up. One day when I was home alone, I left a note and walked out of the house, dropping in the letter and they house keys. Just a day prior to this I had met a girl who took me to her place has she was vacating too and wanted me to replace her. I took my chances and agreed to accept her offer. But this time I had got the place only for 2 months.

I had 2 months in my hand to find a permanent place for myself. Along with all this mess, I had to get to college as not to miss any of my class and manage my groceries. I had no idea what was even going on. I didn’t know where the roads led me. I was LOST! No one around me spoke in English. Just a couple of friends in school (as school was Italian). Thank God my professor knew English, if not perfectly. almost it was two months and I felt I was in big trouble and was about to lose hopes. But just a week prior to vacating this house I got an email from old Italian couple who texted me, “Namaste! They would love to have me in the house that they are renting. Hope to see me soon for checking out the house.” My heart was filled with pleasure. I felt so welcomed. Not even a minute did I think and went to see them the very day! They were kind and wonderful. After all the struggle and stress, God gave me the best. The apartment was so cool where I was the alone girl who lived for 3 months before any girl could accommodate (only girls were allowed in 3 bedroom apartment).

They were the best people around whom I met not because they were helpful, but because they were so beautiful at heart who treated me like their own daughter. They always kept checking on me if I was doing okay, if everything in the house was perfect or if I needed anything. It was like I met someone who was just like my parents in another country. If I would have left the country I wouldn’t have got this chance to meet such wonderful people in this part of the world. They knew bits and pieces of English but we managed to communicate with each other. I also noticed that Italians used their hands a lot as to express anything they are trying to say and that’s where I learned hand actions can speak a lot along with words. It became easy for me. They taught me few Italian words which were necessary as to know in my daily life being there. It took me a while to learn. It was almost 6 months that I had not spoken to any person except for anyone who didn’t know English. But, I was really okay with it as it didn’t matter to me until I was studying well.

I also made sure to hit back home before the clock struck 5:00 as I had my parents waiting to video chat with me. I didn’t go out in the nights, clubs or any other place because my parents had sent me on their faith in me that I wouldn’t do anything wrong without informing them. I stayed to my words. But yes, I made trips to lovely places in Italy like Florence, Rome, Vatican City, Pisa, Venice, Verona & Sirmione (Venice was a gift for me from my this wonderful Italian couple who took me on a tour while Carnival). I also traveled to Basel, Switzerland while my summer vacation to my aunt’s house and before I was going to leave Milan forever, I wanted to pay a visit to the most romantic place in the world, Paris.

With my studies and touring around (using GPS), with all the lovely memories and learning so much from everyday experience, I headed back to Mumbai. I saw tears in my landlord and landlady’s eyes as they escorted me with an ice cream to the airport. Till date, I miss them and would love to meet them again in my this life.  Before I end, I must tell you, Italian ice cream and coffee are the best in the world.


Most awesome icecream I have ever had!


Yummy icecream