Safest destinations for solo women travelers




Traveling is learning. But, traveling alone is exploring all by yourself and finding out the best for you. Another reason of traveling alone is that people’s schedule don’t always meet and at times you need to do things alone. But, in today’s world, it can be dangerous for a woman to travel all by herself. Every day we hear news about sexual assaults, rape, etc. on a woman. And when it comes for a woman traveling alone, the news also includes physical attacks, pickpocketing, being charged more than other people, hotel room theft. Traveling alone for a woman has become dangerous and unsafe in many places around the world.

But on research, there are still places around the world that are safest destinations for solo women travelers. Anyone traveling to any new city must be knowledgeable about the dangers and how to get help if needed. Here is the list of safest destination for solo women travelers.

  • Canada


Canada is a multi-cultural. Anywhere in Canada one wishes to travel is going to find the most breathtaking landscapes. Canadians are considered to be the friendliest people in the world and, while traveling alone you will see why!

  • Italy


The most romantic country in the world and famed for its rich & ancient architecture,  delicious food, fashion and lovely people, Italy is truly a mind blowing destination. Place of the lovers (Romeo & Juliet), Verona shows all the romance. Milan not to be left as it’s the world fashion hub. And not to miss the capital city, Rome. Just to mention, traveling as a solo traveler, you may even get proposed as you walk around the city of Rome.


  • Iceland


There are lots of reasons to visit Iceland as the natural beauty steals the show. Iceland’s nickname is “The land of Fire & Ice”. Sounds intimidating, right? But for solo women, it is totally safe & comfortable and will have no problems meeting locals and other travelers.

The city of Reykjavik is famous for its nightlife & music. Explore the Northern lights and don’t miss a bath at the fascinating Blue Lagoon


  • Ireland


Though the weather is uncertain here in Ireland, it is a place of beer and happiness. Wander in the countryside for an unforgettable Irish experience. Check out their local pubs and foodie hubs. If you are into love stories, there is no better to place to explore than Ireland. Discover from mountains to the sea, fantasize settings from Narnia to Game of Thrones, you will love it all.

  • Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway)


Be it any Scandinavian country (Denmark, Norway & Sweden) has amazing sights, landscapes, architecture and beautiful people. I would also like to mention, Denmark and Norway have been ranked as the happiest places in the world.

  • Indonesia


Relax at the beaches, visit the temples, explore caves along with great food & inexpensive accommodation. If you are traveling budget conscious, this the perfect place.  Bali is not to be missed and is also known as the “Land of the Gods”.

  • New Zealand


The famous film location “Lord of the rings” & “the hobbit”, New Zealand has it’s own way of attracting tourists around the world and also safe for solo women travelers. Exciting activities include bungy jumping, kayaking, hiking, rafting and lot more. Explore the lakes, glaciers, and mountains of this beautiful country which has been voted as one of the world’s most beautiful places, periodically.

  • Japan


Planning trip as a solo woman traveler? Japan cannot be missed, especially Kyoto. It is the most beautiful city in Japan. Tokyo surprises female travelers with it villas, royal palaces as well as UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Kamigamo Shrine, Tō-ji, and Shinmogamo Shrine.

  • Cruise


Well, this is not a specific destination, going on a cruise is choosing to go anywhere in the world. It is a great experience for solo women travelers. Enjoy the hassle free trip of a convenient itinerary & secure accommodation. No booking flights & accommodation. Just pack once and arrive at multiple destinations.