“Chulha” gets a fuel efficient & smokeless makeover


Rurual Indian stoves or chulhas get a taste of modern technology.

Its rightly said “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”. V.Jayaprakash a chilha maker from Kerela thought outside the box and created a new kind of cost effective, environmental & health friendly stove. This stove will help in reducing pollution as the thermal efficiency of the store has been improved.


These chulhas are made of bricks, cement, clay, cast iron and can cook food up to 60 kg at a time.

The base of the bottom chamber is made of iron grill on which the fuel is kept. Below the grill is an air chamber. When the fuel burns, smoke mixed with unburnt hydrocarbons reaches the upper chamber, which has been provided with air inlet holes. Complete combustion takes place here and the combined heat gets available to the cooking vessel above the second chamber.

Besides it being environmental & health friendly, the stove is also cost effective. This is in contrast to LPG operated system, which needs 3 times more fuel costing more than 10 times to cooking the rice of same quantity.


Jayaprakash has so far sold thousands of these stoves and has also given training to the Indian Army and major institutions like IIT New Delhi on energy saving methods. His innovation has also won him numerous awards, including the Energy Conservation Award from Govt of Kerala and the National Innovation Award from National Innovation Foundation (NIF).

We should salute such tech developers. Ready to try one its made by a company in Kozhikode and their website is http://www.jptechindia.com/