A Smart Wearable TShirt


Sygnal’s fitness apparel keeps count of the steps you’ve taken, floors you’ve climbed, calories you’ve burnt, and even navigates you, outdoors!


Do you exercise? Are you health conscious? It’s obviously important to track your fitness efforts, so you can channel your hard work and get desired results.

Sygnal launched a t-shirt which can now tell you how much you have walked, floors you’ve climbed, calories you burnt & event navigates you via a mobile app. This is an extremely simple yet a gimmicky Tshirt. Imagine your TShirt being your pedometer, GPS & Calories Meter.

Dont get me wrong the Tshirt doesnt talk to you while giving you directions, it just vibrates and tells you the direction you should go to.

Ready to give it a try? An India company based in Hyderabad is behind this.

URL : http://www.getsygnal.com/