Change picture of Mahatma Gandhi with PM Modi


Modi Note Magic App is for the fanboys of PM Narendra Modi.

There is a lot to love and hate about this man for sure. I don’t like getting into political debates or discussions but I really like this guy and I found what one fan boy did extremely funny and I thought the readers might like it. The app allows you to replace the great Mahatma Ghandhijis photo with our current charismatics leader Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Not only him but you can choose any of your favorite heroes and place them on the currency note of your choice.

The app also has videos by Modi talking about demonetization,  Info about the demonetization from RBI and other sources, and at the center of it all, it lets users scan the new Rs 500 or Rs 2000 note, and replace the smiling Mahatma Gandhi picture with PM Modi’s picture. You can also select the image of Dr Ambedkar, Shivaji, APJ Abdul Kalam, Ramanujan, Vivekanand, Bhagat Singh or Savarkar instead of Mahatma Gandhi.

Ready to give this one a try? Its a free Android App. Download this app now: Click here!