Child Hunger not a charity issue it’s injustice


Across India, Millions of children starve for food, they stay hungry for days or even scrub garbage to get a bite of a meal. Malnutrition is a big cause of poor child deaths in India and all around the world.

I cannot imagine a day without food and there are kids who are hardly 5 years old and they starve for days before they get to eat food. Some of these horrible stories we heard have melted our heart and we honestly feel the need to do something for the society. When we decided to do something about this, we were in a dilemma about Where do we start? How much to pay? Where will my money go? Amongst other things.

India has several hundreds of NGO & Charity organizations that help in this cause but quite a few of them are either mismanaged or corrupt, hence quite a few of us decide not to donate money at all.

banner3As soon as I learned about this I thought the more the people know about this the more they will donate to this cause, imagine giving up $12 for a sub and feeding a kid for 1 year. This is a call for humanity and this will not break your wallet in anyway.

We keep talking to each other and realise we are not doing enough and hence we are on a mission to feed 667 kids for one entire year in order to do so we need Rs. 5,00,000 or $7437.82.

Our mission is to generate $7437.82 by August 2017 and we are asking everyone who reads this blog to take time out and pay any amount to this cause. Your donation is 100% tax exempt.