Beautiful Colors of Autumn



High Park, Toronto, ON - fall colours - October 23, 2014

I am not born and brought up in Canada. This is my first ever Autumn experience as me and my husband have recently moved to this beautiful country. Along with it comes my first experience of cold as well as I have never seen temperature dropping down to 2-degree C in the month of October-November as I have lived in tropical country for 27 years of my life, having a beautiful sea view from 11th floor in Mumbai (India) to spending splendid Sundays on the white sand and turquoise blue water of the Cayman Islands.

A little did I started to figure out when we came to Canada, Autumn had almost begun & it started to get nice and cold. While wandering around to explore Canada is when we can across the beautiful décor of nature where lies the hues of gold, orange, and red. Like I said earlier this is my 1st Autumn, all these were just picture sceneries to me until I discovered that here lies the actual picture portrayed in the book does exist in real… This season is breathtaking.

Being unnoticed, this beautiful season even showed up how people around have been shopping for pumpkin as Halloween was on its way, pumpkin latte kicked in the cafes & a little cozy inside those autumn jackets but still keeping hearts unchanged with changing colors.


Gradually as time passed, I came to know that it was not just about Halloween, but this season of colors was full of holiday festivities around the world such as Thanksgiving, Dia de Los Muertos, Oktoberfests, Diwali(Festival of lights in India) Matchmaking Festival (in Ireland), Maskarra Festival (festival of smile in the Philippines), Entenrennen (Rubber duck race in Germany) etc. Moreover, this season to me looked more like a season of “Togetherness” because people called us over for delicious meals, wonderful treats, we hanged out with them in lovely costumes which made everything around us so colorful.

From Autumn to colors, from traditions to celebrations, from competition to oneness, all is seen in this not so cold season.

Beauty lies in nature and so does it lie in our hearts. So are you ready for this month of “Togetherness”?