So, this is what happens when you have a little less knowledge about buying Pandora online…



I love Pandora as a brand as love the jewelry. I admire everything about it as it shows how unique every woman is. Today, I am going to tell you about how I got into this scam about buying a fake Pandora jewelry online.

Being a Facebook user, and while browsing it, I came across a website that sells Pandora jewelry at dirt cheap rate. The website is and it shows on its web page Pandora Store and at the bottom of the page “Copyright © Pandora Jewellery. Powered by Pandora.” Sounds so real and original, right? No, it isn’t!

Let me tell you about how I got into this trap. I am not a technical person nor do I know to check whether the website is real or not. Being in Canada, I saw as it has “ca” in it. Well, unlike me anyone who loves this brand would want to check out what they are selling especially at the rates they have mentioned. The rates would blow your mind. “Copyright © Pandora Jewellery. Powered by Pandora” on their website would even make you so sure that they are for real. Unfortunately, they are not. is a Chinese company who makes fake Pandora products. But, when you end up on their website, all the charms, bracelets, earrings, rings, everything Pandora sells from their product list looks real.

So, I placed my order. As it was to be delivered in person, I couldn’t leave my home and go anywhere (until it was important) waiting for it to be delivered. They didn’t give my tracking information. And when I got it in a couple of days it ended up in my SPAM. This made me a little worrisome. But again, as I could track the parcel, that’s when I came to know that it is being shipped from china. I started to worry. Everyday like a crazy woman kept checking where has the parcel reached. It took 21 long days, yes 21 days for me to get my parcel and that to which came in my mailbox.

Again my excitement started to build as I saw I have my parcel with me. I was broken and shattered seeing what was in front of my eyes when I opened the box and it turned out to be FAKE PANDORA jewelry after a long wait of 21 days… I was so very annoyed and I started doing research on this company. This is where I came to know it’s not a Canadian based website. It’s not going to come to you from any online store in Canada. It is a Chinese based company making lookalike of Pandora. Please do not order it as they kept flashing (and still flashing) the website on Facebook. I would like to show it to the world that what these people do in the name of Pandora and even using the brand name on their website. I would like all the viewers to see the pictures of what Pandora jewelry they have sent me.


Please do not get fooled like me by ordering from them as like I said the prices are dirt cheap at what they are selling the jewelry. There is on more website like them which would keep flashing on Facebook which is , , , ,