Right time to visit to The Blue Mountains, Ontario?


Off lately, there has been a lot of discussion on when is the right time to visit The Blue Mountains within in group of friends. I and my husband have visited here while summer and winter (Christmas time) and we enjoyed thoroughly both our visits. The drive from our house to The Blue Mountains has been scenic while both the seasons of the year.

While summer we traveled with our family. Everything around was so colorful with a mesmerizing fragrance of lilac all round as we stay in the Blue Mountain village itself. The view from our room was amazing as we could look around at almost entire village. The entire village was lively with kids running around, people in long queues for summer activity tickets, small groups & couples enjoying themselves over their coffee time chat! We loved spending our time as we had a great time doing the activities. It was super fun! Not to miss our favorite was the “Ridge-Runner”.


Beautiful view of the village.


View from the room while I play with my nephew.


View while going up on the mountain by cable car.


Mesmerizing lilac plant.

While winter, the whole looked stunning in white as was totally covered in snow. It was a stunning view as the morning sun made the snow glow like gold! The scene with the skiers skiing down the mountain was so amazing. Every few seconds some skier was making their way down. There were also other snow activities happening around. We loved watching it. As we didn’t know how to ski, we with our other few friends had a snow fight, climbed a little hill to slide down the snow and again this time our favorite “Ridge-Runner” was open. No chance we could miss this and we made our way to it. And as being Christmas time, the entire village was brightened up in the beauty of lights as the evening started to set. We loved this time as well.

While our this visit, the hotels in the village we totally booked so we had to stay a little far.


View from our room.

Christmas time

Christmas time in the village.


Road while entering the village.


Evening view of the Blue Mountain.

ski at blue mountain

People skiing.


View from the top of the mountain.

So as I said earlier, we are still in the discussion when is the right time to visit. I think we should pay a visit while the spring hits so we can experience this time of year as well. What’s your take on it??