Why do some cars have gas tanks on right and some on left



This question has haunted me for a long long time, drive your car and you will know where the gas tank is but rent a car and always be confused about where it is.

Take your head out of the window and try to see where the gas tank is lol… Its a pain…

Current regulations demand the filler be at the widest part of a car, inboard of any crumple zones, and safe from dripping onto any hot exhaust bits or electrical wiring. This generally means the filler needs to be on one or the other sides of the car, and relatively near the passenger compartment.

So, with that in mind, we know where it can’t go, so how do companies decide where it should?

Passenger’s side—and by that I mean the right side here—proponents generally include most continental European carmakers, and many American ones, while the biggest driver’s side—the left side—advocates seem to be from Japan. There’s plenty of exceptions, even within the same company, but in very rough terms, these divisions seem accurate. And of course, some countries like the UK and Japan have the driver on the right, but for my examples let’s go with American rules.

Well thank god its not old days imaging if you gas tanks was like this:


This is what happens when you dont know what side the gas is on 🙂 hahha just a little laugh