Consequences of using phones



So, what is your mobile story? Like today’s world cannot do without an electronic product, be it a laptop, desktop and of course the most important of all “smartphones”. One second if the phone is away, you just panic or fall into different mood till it is not back in your hand. And not to miss out the internet, it has become a basic necessity like food, shelter, clothing, and the internet. So if you have your phone with you and it has no internet as to browse or chat or surf, the phone is useless. And from this, we understand that phone and the internet go hand in hand.

But if you look back to those days where there was no internet or mobile phone, or let’s say there was minimal use of internet and mobile phones, for example, just for work purpose, or calling from a landline phone to check on your relatives or loved ones. People survived then and had time for other things as well. They spent quality time with their family & children, got social with friends and other gatherings.

In fact, all that happens nowadays too, but the only difference is to post it on social media to let the world know where you are, whom you are with, followed up with some status, selfie and all sort of pictures. The minute the conversation stops, you grab your phone to see if there is any message or email and instantly reply. Seeing all this, our children of this generation has also turned out to be the same which is not at all their fault as it is said young ones learn from their elders. They have no patience as to if they want something, no matter what goes wrong in the world, they need to have it. For example, if they want iPad/tablet/phone to watch their favorite nursery rhyme or cartoon while eating, they will not eat till you give it to them. It’s not their fault as most of us adults, we do the same either watch something while eating or are browsing on the phone or any other source as if the world is going to end if we don’t.


Same goes while driving, a second you get a halt at the signal you get your hand on the phone to check if you received any notification and if yes, you are in a race to check them all before the signal goes green. So much haste. So what if you don’t halt at the signal and while driving, you get a “Ping” you are so anxious to know who or what it must be for as if your mind just can’t stop itself from getting on it and one fine day you meet an accident. “What if I had just not checked my phone, I wouldn’t have been lying on the hospital bed with pain.” What’s the point regretting? The damage is already done.

Such incidences must have taken place with your near and dear ones. You pity them, feel bad for them, ask them to take care from now onwards, but the moment you drive away, you just forget all that has happened, you just visited someone who met an accident using a mobile phone while driving and back to square one, using your phone while driving.



But who will explain to that 6 or maybe even 4 months old infant that looking at the screen isn’t good and they shouldn’t be seeing it? Who will explain to them that nursery rhymes just don’t come from the phones or iPads? Who will explain to them that watching any of this source is not good while eating food? We ourselves cannot stop doing it so why blame those innocent ones as they are learning every bit of what we do. And once the age has passed, they just won’t listen.

We have already done so much damage to this generation. It is never too late to bring the change. It is never too late to mold our children from that bad habit to a good one. It is never too late for even us as adults change for own good so that your new ones learn the best from you.

Using a desktop, laptop, for work purpose is ideal but then at home, be with your family, your children, spend time with them, go on a date/movie, hang out and just enjoy while they are around. Leave your phone aside so your growing kids would also learn that when they reach your age they will have to do the same.

Remember, your phone is going to be there forever, but your loved ones won’t last forever. Technology will just keep growing but the relationships shall only grow if you involve yourself in it. Like I said “It’s Never Too Late”