Pregnancy Phase



I am no doctor, no dietician,  but a to-be-mother. Unlike every other woman who has passed this phase or in this phase, I do understand how difficult must it be when someone advises you not to eat this, not to eat that, and to eat something which you can barely eat when you are going through drastic hormonal change. The days look like nightmares when it comes to eating. When you feel like eating at one moment and exactly opposite the other moment. Of course, how can I forget the throwing up business which then makes you feel so sick and tired? And when you just can’t stand some particular smell/odor and it almost kills you! Phew!!!

I have just entered my second trimester and things are settling down. But hearing stories from the experienced ladies all I have known is every individual woman is different, every pregnancy is different. What may work for someone may not work for you. What must have worked even for your own mother may not work for you! Don’t become your own expert, don’t blindly follow what others say as you are an individual with unique body type. It is better to consult your family physician/OB/Gynaecologist.

In my case, I am away from my family and everyone. All I have is my loving husband. I am not at all a foodie person. And when I gave out the good – news, people back home started to worry a lot with regards to everything, especially food. Seeing everyone is concerned I did feel nice and special, but when it came to food, I lost it. Different people, different advice. If someone said I could eat a particular thing, another person denied. My first trimester almost was hell when it came to food as I could barely eat. There was so much stuffed in my head as what can be eaten and what not. Their difference of opinion scared me as it being my our first child I didn’t want anything to go wrong.

So one day, my husband asked me to contact my dietician to send me a pregnancy diet. I just popped up in my chair and started to email her with letting her know about my situation. She has also known my history with cholesterol as to which she did prepare my diet. The best part when I received the diet plan was, I could eat every single fruit and vegetable unless I am allergic to any of it. My husband rejoiced seeing the diet plan because he was feeling bad for me as I could hardly eat anything. His support has made me strong and held me up even while I have been down.

I got restrictions for not eating mango, papaya, naseberry, pineapple, coconut water, fruit juices (due to increase in the level of sugar), dry-fruits, and what not. But with the help of my dietician, I was revealed and very happy as to my eating habits. Now this to-be-mommy is doing great with food and her husband is very happy as he sees me eating well. No stopping from anything I like to eat or want to eat.

So, to all you beautiful to-be-mommies, love what you eat & eat what you love! Enjoy your pregnancy. No matter who says what, do consult a doctor or a dietician as they know you better and will advise you the best as they know your medical history.

🙂 Live Love Enjoy! 🙂