Boom Festival 2016



Like I said in my earlier blog I was never a Trance person, but even since I started loving it, it did change my perspective towards this music genre. But then again, I had never heard anything as Boom Festival. When my husband spelled it out, I was like what? He said there are going be at least 30,000 people attending this music festival, there are going to be big artists playing music, we will have to stay in a tent under the tree, and for 4 days just attend the music.

Staying in the tent under the tree sounded dreamy, but not forgetting we were already on a long Europe tour after which we had to attend this music festival. Okay, another thing not to miss was Boom Festival was in Portugal where the temperature goes to extremes when in the night it falls down to 10-degree centigrade and by the noon it rises to 40-degree centigrade. We have never experienced such extreme weather conditions. We had read about it on their official website but experiencing it in person was terrible.

We got there by 10 in the night and found volunteers all around as where it was held was in a remote area. It was a task to find the location. But we made it. The view of the parking area was stunning. Thousands of cars parked all dusted in red mud.

 Glimpse of the parking area

Next thing we knew was to set up our tent in the dark and just doze off to sleep as soon as possible because my husband couldn’t wait to hit the dance floor. His childhood dream was finally about to come true and his excitement was priceless. It was about to happen as he was going to live his dream.

People were out of their tents roaming around at the sunrise. It was a beautiful view worth a watch. All the boomers were energized and ready to get in the trance mode and to get to their area of interest. There were 9 – 11 areas named as Dance Temple, Healing Area, Alchemy Circle, Dance Stage, Museum of Visionary Art, Chill Out Gardens, Art Installations, Sacred Fire, Liminal Village, etc.  The arrangements made were amazing that in spite of being in such a remote area there was everything around and it was made sure that no music interrupted the other. And food, it was the best food we had after the long Europe tour. Everything freshly prepared. People from various parts of the world had also set up small stalls as to display their art, paintings, clothing, there were painters who made live paintings, a place set up for meditation, lectures & talks about mythology, activism, ecology & much more,  everything set up was just perfect. The whole world around at Boom Festival looked so colorful.

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My husband didn’t want to get back although we were there until the last day of the festival. But, it was once in a lifetime experience to see this side of the world. People from all around the world, different cultures, languages, and all so helpful. It is true when they say “Music is a religion”. Attending Boom Festival did show every bit of this religion.