To-be-mommies – Things to do while you are PREGNANT!

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Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to miss on the opportunity to live a carefree, somewhat selfish, definitely indulgent lifestyle. The reality of becoming a mom is not going to change but before time slips out of you hands just live for yourself because there are things you will not get to do at least few years down the line.

Of course, the new beginning of your little one’s life is also going to be a new start for you and your partner’s life. But it is going to last forever. So why not just grab those few months left in your hand and ENJOY every bit of it rather than feeling sad about those swollen feet, crying over mood swings, cleaning the cabinets in free time or getting mad over your husband for small things!

There are some of the things you really need to do which I have mentioned below as you don’t want to regret once the time flies away!

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1.  Be Selfish!

It sounds little weird, but really be selfish. Do what you like as you like and care least!

2. Just you and the BED!

Do every possible thing it in the bed if you can. Bed breakfast, read books, magazines, take naps, movie, play games on your phone, or even paint your lovely nails. But the motive is to stay in the bed. Guaranteed you would miss this day when you’d have sleepless nights changing diapers.

3. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

Turn off your alarm. Just get up when you feel like. No nonsense of waking up early. Just have your day. Just you and your beauty sleep…

pregnant woman watching movie

4. Bedtime movie.

Don’t leave your bed or just be on your comfy couch and watch your favorite movies back to back. Later on, you’d just have nursery rhymes all around.

5.  Show-time.

Book a show or hit a theater. Love plays, operas, concerts or new releases? Pick your favorite, grab your seat and enjoy.

6.  Instant plan? Hell yes!

Got a call from a friend with a ticket just before a couple of hours before the show is about to start? Don’t care, just get out of the house and barge in. You really don’t want to miss the start.


7. Just you and “your” self!

Grab the moment with you and “your” self and let nothing get in your way.

8. Girls weekend getaway…

There’s nothing like it, but once you have kids, it will be difficult to fit into the plan.

9.  Have crazy sex.

You might not be in the mood, but get along with the flow. It’s never enough to have more sex. Try new places you haven’t before, new positions. Once you have kids you’d just be restricted to the bedroom for the foreseeable future. Not to miss also get on to a romantic destination where it is just going to be you and him and your lovely moments…


10. Dress up!

Lovely dress, a perfect pair of shoes (of course, no heels!), and impeccable accessories like your enchanting handbag (just flaunt before you just have to carry the diaper bag..), exquisite watch

11. Flaunt your jewelry.

Beautiful neckless? Wear it. Don’t wait for a special day or occasion. The day you wear is the special day. Flaunt it as you flaunt your bump. Flatter yourself!

12.  Look Gorgeous.

Spend time doing makeup (not that you need it), do your hair. Make yourself feel beautiful from the inside, because “you’re WORTH it”.


13. How about Disneyland?

Not in particular, but any amusement park will do. Of course, don’t get on those roller coaster rides. Become a child before you get one. Act like one. Re-live “your” self, AGAIN!

14. Take a looonnggg bath!

Indulge yourself in the shower until your fingers and toes look wrinkled. Feel nice. Soaking yourself in warm water (not HOT!!!) with bath oil will also make you feel relaxed (like experts say, not more than 10 min).

15. Undestined Walk.

Don’t know what to do? Just dress up in your comfy clothes and sneakers/shoes and walk out that door. Choose any direction and walk around as the beautiful colors would make you feel nice, talk to your baby while it kicks you back as the response (if you are in the month where you can feel it). Breathe in the fresh air.

pregnant woman reading book

16. Book over a cup of warmness!

Just have your own time reading your favorite book without being disturbed while you enjoy it over your favorite cup of warmness.

Try it out! You will regret none as when the time passes by and if you wouldn’t have done them, you might/would feel I WISH….. and that would just remain a wish! Just ENJOY!!!