I am thankful to my husband…


Emotions at times unnoticed might create problems in any relation. But today I was sitting and thinking about every little thing he does which has always been precious. My thoughts ran back to the days from how we started this beautiful relation of marriage and so I thought to jolt down his little things that he does and it embraces me. The only way I can show him that it means a lot to me and I feel more loved is by showing him appreciation.


I would like to share few of the ways as it inspires me and makes me feel loved as well as brings me closer to him. Maybe this can also bring changes in your lives…

  • People often say once you are married those 3 magical words are just words and life just goes on with each other, you just take each other for granted. But ever since we got married, he made sure not to miss a moment without saying those 3 magical words. They are just words but hold a strong meaning and emotion to and is felt while you say it. Every time he says it, I feel important.
  • Spending time alone, creating memories clicking pictures on the beautiful island (Cayman Islands) waterfront dining, long drives, all the moments have just been perfect. And every time he made sure to take a picture and create a memory so that many years down the line we both can cherish them. But at times while I being at work my phone would just “ping” and what I would see would just bring a big smile with a blush on my face as he would send me photos with me eating ice-cream with a quote ” You’re my eye-cream”, or some collage of just my pictures or our pictures.
  • On our drives, he always has made sure that he hold my hand. His this gesture shows that in spite of no conversation there is still an on-going conversation between us.
  • Being away from my family after marriage (thousand miles away), he has always tried in all possible ways to keep me happy and never let me feel alone. Our marriage took place in a wink of an eye and I had to fly to my new home with him for our new beginning. Since then he has always been there for me. 
  • He always saw my hard work with taking care of home doing dishes, laundry, cleaning and cooking along with my job. He never asked if I needed any help but at times before I would go to finish my work, he would have already done it. And I used to smile away thanking him for being of help to me. In return, I just got back and hug him.
  • Getting just a  day off from work was little tiring. But I still managed. As months passed, with household chores I started to look dull and pale. I just prayed, “I wish I could sleep more on my days off”, but with everyday routine, 5 am and I would wake up. My husband did see changes in me as my face said it all. One day, I was asleep until 10 am. When I woke up I saw him gone to his office with curtains drawn so that the sunlight doesn’t disturb my sleep. When I entered the kitchen I see he had already done his breakfast and made me some along with some fruits cut (he never does it until he has to). I have never seen him do all this every since we got married. I just ran to get my phone and called him saying I was thankful that he didn’t wake me up and for the breakfast…
  • Since we are expecting our first baby, things are changing within me and he can see it. All he can do is comfort me. But during my 1st trimester, as it’s said not to lift anything heavy as it could cause damage, he made sure I didn’t lift any weight. He made sure he made time to come with me for groceries. It has been blessing while he as also been baring my mood swings but just a long hug makes me feel so good. 
  • I have always wished of having bed breakfast and no time was perfect than wishing it while pregnancy and one Sunday morning the wish came true when I saw him walk in the bedroom with a tray of juice, sandwich, nuts and my medicine. There was not much stuff in the house to make that awesome sandwich so he drove out and got everything needed. Wow!
  • He has never liked doing household chores but since my pregnancy, he helps me a lot especially doing the dishes and laundry. I can really see that he only does it because he sees me drained out by the end of the day. I appreciate his care and so much concern for me and our little new life.
  • With my pregnancy giving me a tough time with food, he makes sure that he makes me/gives me anything that he thinks I’d like to eat so that I and baby both aren’t hungry. I have also not seen this side of him and makes me feel lucky to be his wife.