… and we were finally married!!!



Indian wedding is always pictured as “a big fat wedding”. In our case, it wasn’t the same. Honestly speaking, we both we against it while we discussed our wedding. Just 2 signs on a legal paper and proudly to be announced as Mr. & Mrs. Mehta. But our parents had different plans with all the customs and traditions to be followed. I shall speak about this a bit later as before that I would like to share our journey towards getting married.

Jay was in the Cayman Islands as for his business, while I was in Mumbai as my parents were making arrangements meeting up with a couple of families and their son proposing marriage. There was no way I and Jay could have ever met in this lifetime, but we were destined. We met on a matrimonial site where I had just signed up like a month ago and he had been there for more than 2 years (which I came to know from him in our talks). I accepted his request and that’s where it all began. All I knew was, his family lived in the same area as I did because he had mentioned his postal code on his profile.

As I accepted his request, I had a conversation with my cousin and how small the world is, he turned out to be his childhood friend. I became all the more comfortable and confident. We spoke barely for 5 days and on the 6th day, he proposed to me early morning while I was heading to my yoga class. Not even for a moment did I think and said “yes” to him as I felt the same for him. Again to mention, we both have never ever met in our entire life. People advised me I was playing Blindfold, but all I knew was I was doing the right thing. My family supported me.

The day he proposed to me, his parents came to meet me and my family. I was very nervous as whom so ever I was introduced to, I was pretty cool as I need time to think and lots of other thoughts in my head but with him, I didn’t want anything to go wrong. But everything just fell his place and our families bonded! Since then, our lives took a new turn as we were thinking of getting married. There were doubts in minds all around me as we had never met, he was 6′ 2″ talk, will we like each other when we meet in person, will he accept me as I was “one foot” shorter to him, will I be able to adjust with him as I had never in 25 years of my life heard about the “Cayman Islands”, Phew!!! So many questions, but I was positive. Of course, there were questions running through his mind as well. But we didn’t let any of it come in between our talks while being miles away and just waited patiently for that day to come where we would meet each other.

Exactly 37 days after our talks he surprised me coming straight under my house. I had no words, I was stupefied! When I realized he was there for real standing under an umbrella, I ran and pounced on him and kissed him hard just like it happens in movies (the moment still so real that I can see it with my closed eyes). We walked around, holding hands, with my screaming out loud and he calming me down. All questions in mind cleared, no more second thoughts about “what if”. After a while, I walked him home to meet my family. But there was one question if his doubts about me were clear yet or not. But with God’s grace all went well.

Before he flew to India (my entire family knew was he planned all and told them) my family had already started making all the wedding arrangements such as venue, catering, clothing, jewelry, etc. and I was like what’s the rush as we were planning to get married in October. But my dear husband had no patience as he wanted to get married and soon take me away with him. Too much rush, huh! But by the time he got to Mumbai, all the arrangements were done. Our court marriage date, engagement date, wedding date, all was fixed. Nobody knew what was happening, how it was happening, but it was happening!

Finally, in the end of July, we signed the papers and legally became Mr. & Mrs. Mehta and 14 days after that was our customs & traditions marriage date. To this day I was looking forward to where I would be dressed up the best of all, all eyes would be on us, we would take vows around the fire and all the elderly would bless us as we would live happily ever after.

So, as I was saying at the start, every Indian girl dreams about such wedding. Our wedding did take place, but we both believed in not too much happening around with decoration, not too many people except for our near and dear ones, not too much fuss at the wedding. We both just wanted a simple and sweet wedding. As planned, all fell in place and in 2 months time we were second time finally married!!! 

Glimpse of our wedding!
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