Christmas Around The World

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merry christmas

The most celebrated festival all round the world, Christmas. Not just Christians, but also people of other religions love to celebrate this festival. “Joy to the world! The Lord has come”, the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated on the 25th of December every year around the globe. Traditional Christmas decoration & festive celebration is enjoyed by kids & adults. The dazzling streets, the giant sparkling Christmas trees is seen all around. However, the countries around have little different way of celebrating Christmas which makes them special to pay a visit.

Inviting friends & family over dinner party is also most followed everywhere. All around the city, village, neighborhood is seen the excitement and happiness. You find houses lit up with colorful bright lights. Walking down the streets alone is overwhelming. Occasion of togetherness, sharing of gifts & sweets, spreading love, isn’t the celebration of Christmas about all this?

Let’s see how people around the world celebrate christmas.

French Christmas Celebration
Christmas is celebrated a little early on 6th December which is St. Nicholas’ Day, instead of 25th December in the north of France. Children are gifts on this day, whereas on the Christmas Eve, children leave their shoes by the fireplace to be filled up by Pere Neol.

Italian Christmas Celebration
3 weeks prior to Christmas, from 8th of December, the Italians start celebrating Christmas as Novena. Just a week prior to Christmas is when the children go from house to house dressed up, playing pipes & reciting melodious Christmas songs. People around also set up a model village of Bethlehem with Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus.

American Christmas Celebration
Not to forget, Santa Claus was actually born in the US in 1860’s. But why was he named Santa Claus? Because, he had a white beard and a big belly. Santa Claus actually comes from the Dutch word St Nicholas “Sintaklaas”. The real fact, this “Sintaklaas” flew around in his wagon without a reindeer & also smoked a pipe and did not live in the North Pole nor did he wear the red suit. But, he did bring presents to children every year.

Russian Christmas Celebration
In Russia, Christmas tree known as Yelka is decked up with colorful sparkling lights and beautiful flowers. People are invited over for dinner which includes varieties of meats. When it comes to Christmas celebration, this festival here is replaced by Festival of Winter. In the Russian tradition, people fast & say special prayers, ( sometimes for 39 days) until the first evening star appears. Christmas here is actually celebrated on the 7th of January instead of 25th of December.

English Christmas Celebration
From the middle ages till date in villages and towns, people act out plays putting on masks called as mummers as one of the England’s customs in mummering. Also, the Boxing day comes from the tradition of England. It is called Boxing day is because boys go around gathering money in their clay boxes and when the boxes were full, they broke them to open.

German Christmas Celebration
Christkind, a winged figure dressed in white robes & a golden crown is the one who distributes gifts in Germany. Kids leave letters on their windowsills for Christkind. At times they also decorated their letters with sugar & glue to make them sparkle. Christbaumgeback, is the German Christmas tree pastry which is white dough that can be molded in shapes and baked for the decoration of the tree.

Japanese Christmas Celebration
It is known that only 1% of the Japanese people believe in Christ. Hoteiosho is a Japanese God of good fortune but from Buddhism who brings gifts but is not related to Christmas. It’s said he brings presents to houses & leaves them for the children while others think he has eyes on the back of his head. But, in Japan, Santa is known as “Santa-san” (Mr Santa).

Different countries, different concept & ways of celebration Christmas. Enjoy this beautiful festival with feeling of oneness & happiness.

Merry Christmas!!!