New World of Tobacco


Tobacco industry has been one of the booming industry that mints million and billions every year, be it in any currency! But, over the years this industry has gone through a lot of changes and the industry has overhauled.

Also,  where the world is booming and growing with technology, here too it has played a significant role and has shaped it into something completely different than it was since this industry ever came in the market. With this, we do see that it will continue to change this industry as with the growing technology.

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With the change in technology came in the creation of electronic cigarettes –  E-Cigarettes. They have extensively increased its popularity and likely to grow even in future. The main reason being celebrities advertising these products and also e-cigarette has been endorsed to have advantages to health as some experts do say so. To increase its popularity, they have also published articles with regards to the advantages of e-cigarette as compared to smoking. E-cigarette is considered to be safe than smoking is because though it contains nicotine to which smokers are addicted to, it is delivered in the safer form.

Quitting to smoke is the best and the healthiest option of all, but if your worried a bit about your health and trying hard to quit smoking but have been unsuccessful, the e-cigarette is for you. They come in various flavors.

As it is said, “too much of everything is not good”, it is better to avoid all of it. But of course you can start it with a little change to a healthier life as this will also bring change to the lives of passive smokers.