Vancouver in my words!


You must have read a lot of blog about how Vancouver is, places to visit, restaurants to eat, etc… I am not here to tell you about all that. So here is Vancouver in my words. Vancouver is very special for me as it was a surprise trip for me my husband gave me for my birthday. Flight tickets, done! Hotel booking, done! Rent-a-car, done! A night prior to my birthday he said, “just pack some warm clothes and your birthday dress”. I thought he was joking as I knew nothing about it because I am the one who does the booking and all for our trips. But I smelled something fishy as I knew it was my birthday next day and he also said some things which sounded convincing. No further questions and I packed my bag.

He didn’t say where we were heading nor did I ask as I was very excited that he had planned a surprise for my birthday and I just wanted to live that moment. When we got at the airport is the time I saw on our boarding pass that we were going to Vancouver. I jumped all over him to express my excitement and thanked him so much (going to remember this for the rest of my life).

As soon as I knew that Vancouver it was, I was all thrilled to go to Whistler. Before even putting out the thought of getting to Whistler he spelled it out. What more could I ask for?

Our hotel was at a perfect location from where for next 3 days I could see Whistler from the balcony. Everything was just perfectly planned. Our visit to Whistler was mind-blowing as we went back and forth a couple of times from Whistler and Blackcomb. The drive was worth the scene. We both wished rather than staying in Downtown Vancouver we would have had more fun and scenic views staying at Whistler village as it was so lively. But all goes without any question. Vancouver was worth the visit too because of beautiful parks, skyline views, and amazing food in the restaurants, especially vegan restaurant called Heirloom.

I wanted to celebrate my this birthday making it very special as we’re planning for a baby. So for my this birthday, I wanted just me and him for the last time as the next one will be with our little one… Happy Birthday to me…

Some of our Vancouver & Whistler memories.

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